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CBI Rewards Frequently Asked Questions
Q : Do all CBI credit cards offer CBI Rewards?

A : CBI Rewards are only available on the CBI Rewards MasterCard Platinum credit card. To find out how to apply for the card please visit www.cbiuae.com.

Q : Do I have to register to use CBI Rewards?

A : You start earning CBI Rewards points from the moment you use your card however to redeem your points you will need to activate your account. We recommend that you activate your account as soon as possible. In this way you will be able to explore the Rewards site and discover the options available to you as well as view your account summary detailing all of your Rewards activity e.g. points earned, points redeemed etc… For account activation please visit cbirewards.cbiuae.com.

Q : How can I know my CBI Rewards Membership Number?

A : Your membership number is printed on your card underneath your name. You will need this number to both activate your account for the first time and whenever you subsequently login to the Rewards website.

Q : How long is my CBI Rewards Membership valid?

A : You can earn and redeem CBI Rewards points for as long you hold the CBI Rewards MasterCard Platinum credit card..

Q : Can I use my CBI internet banking username and password to carry out CBI Rewards transactions?

A : No, the CBI Rewards site does not contain any information that you may have previously provided to CBI for Internet Banking purposes. Access to the CBI Rewards site requires you to enter your CBI Rewards Membership number and a separate password.

Q : How do I earn CBI Rewards points?

A : CBI Rewards points are earned whenever you use the card for retail purchases (subject to a minimum purchase amount of AED 1.00). Please go to the “Earn Points” link for full details on how you earn CBI Rewards points.

Q : What can I do with my earned points?

A : You can redeem your points for any of the following: Flights, Hotels, Car Hire, CashBack or goods from the InfiShop.

Q : How do I redeem CBI Rewards points?

A : CBI Rewards points can only be redeemed by logging in to CBI Rewards at cbirewards.cbiuae.com .